Morgan Matthews is a Cornell University Certified Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leader. Beginning the early parts of her career in accounting she understands the importance of your company's ROI with DEI.

She has been a panelist and keynote speaker on a variety of stages around DEI subjects such as antiracism and inclusion.

She is committed to unleashing the authenticity of employees to reshape what leadership looks like and empowering them to see beyond the ceiling.


Why Choose Me

Finding Your Style

I take the time to listen, discover, and understand a working style you truly love. I’m not here to push my views onto you, but to help you discover who you are in the workplace.

Cost Transparency

I let you know how many hours I work on creating a plan that works best for you to excel in the workplace and all the costs you should expect to pay for my services—no hidden fees.

Career Clarity

Address your self-doubt and fears to go beyond what is holding you back, and see the values and contributions you bring to your company or workplace.


You need clarity.
I have just that.

Get in touch with me today.

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